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Document Management Systems
Document Management Systems (DMS)
Document Management Systems (DMS)
Document management systems can be defined as the set of programs that allows the user to keep a record of the documents being produced in the system. It helps store information like: who created the document and at what time. This recording can also be done in the form that the user can also have the Images of the documents being created. Basically, DMS are meant for providing complete control over the various e-documents created in the system like spread sheets, graphics and word processing documents etc. They are known as Electronic Document Management Systems.
Promote document accessibility, collaboration and security
If file cabinets, desktop PC folders and sprawling network directories were effective ways to manage information, organizations would not be searching for technologies to replace them. An electronic DMS offers a solution — not another way to trap, misplace and mishandle content.
As part of a complete process and content management framework, Content enhances information accessibility, promotes organized collaboration and secures content in all its forms. These functions are essential as organizations seek to improve efficiency, share knowledge and reduce risk.
At a technical level, document storage and retrieval is as simple as saving files to a disk and opening them later. But this seemingly simple concept translates into an unmanageable morass as files proliferate and document management challenges like these appear:
Locating a desired file becomes impossible
Unstructured information is difficult to associate with structured information in business systems
Organizations attempt to integrate video and other forms of rich media into their business workflows
People are sharing information and collaborating on documents informally
A lack of security puts valuable or sensitive information at risk
Untracked content and files complicate legal and compliance efforts
Document Management from Capture to Disposition
Our document management products start by eliminating one of the biggest barriers to greater productivity — unmanaged content creation. puts content under control from the moment of its creation or capture.
Granular Security
A secure, central repository is the backbone of our electronic document management system, Content, which is built around a security model that is engineered to let you:
Grant and revoke individual and group rights to each distinct system function
Restrict documents and document types based on a user’s point of access
Conceal confidential data while preserving a document’s original integrity
Organize all enterprise information in a secure, central electronic repository
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